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Prophesy by Nitin Sawhney


I have had this album for some time, just have been listening to it so much that I couldn't sit down and write about this wonderful piece of work. But, here goes.

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Tracks / Reviews:

  1. Sunset: This is a bengali and english song with a a haunting drum line, which causes one to reach a soulful grove and sing along. If one does not, they are left out by the rest of the world who is there man. I could use some hackneyed phrases like its very eclectic, great east meets west song etc.. But why bother when all you wanna hear is: if this song was the only one I had gotten on the entire album, I would have been content. :)
  2. Nothing: Maybe its my subwoofer or maybe its just that Nitin wanted to be very low in this album. Tina Grace's siren voice over another terrorizin g dru m line; just can't escape feeling the fear. Even though its 3:45 long, its still too short.
  3. Aquired Dreams: Aah the veteran, Natacha Atlas on yet another bassy song with a unbelievable groove which slowly morphs into a sweet drum and base track. How does her voice blend so beautifully with the drum and violins of nitin, one will never know. Well I guess you will if you buy the album ;)
  4. Nothing More: Drop the bass, in place have an ocean behind the guitar and voice of Tina Grace, and then catch us off guard with Cheb Mami. Bring back the bass with a melody that just doesn't seem like it belongs in any category. Why would you even bother critiquing this album? I must try I must...So far each song better than the last. How does one compose every instrument so intricately and yet so beautifully?
  5. Moonrise: Although this one is a great song, one has to wonder how much of nitin really went into it. You will understand what I mean, when you read the credits in the booklet of the cd. There are 4 collaborators, two of course the singers, Cheb Mami and Nina Rocha Miranda. Don't get me wrong its another awesome song, but you have to wonder.
  6. Street Guru _ Part One: Jeff Jacob's ranting in Chicago. I don't know how true this is, but according to Othermusic.com he is a cab driver who Nitin recorded when he was there. Geez I wish I could get my cabbies to talk to me like that, have a very profound song right there and all I would have done was record :)
  7. The Preacher: Terry Callier singing about the future, very deep involved and thoughtful song about the preacher. The song, which has an ambient - blues, trance touch to it. Wisdom is the key, and i agree man, I agree. The song is nitin's usual teaching, but somehow sends message without preaching.
  8. Breathing Light: Nelson Mandela over violins and flutes, turning into a very beautiful drum and base song, which I am sure will be the love of many dj's dying to turn it into a dance floor classic. Its hard not to take such a song and rave to it. Very cool, indeed. Too bad at my age I will look like a fool trying to rave :)
  9. Developed: Mandawuy Yunupingu's words aimed at technology that is slowly taking over our lives.
  10. Footsteps: A recording of a chorus singing what sounds like a hymn. It doesn't say anything in the CD booklet either...don't know what to say about this one.
  11. Walk Away: A very sullen, mellow track, with the piano playing of Nitin that we are all very familiar with. Nina Rocha Miranda sings, "it rained all night, I was soaked to the skin..." and Nitin adds the mood of a sad night, leading right into the next song.
  12. Cold And Intimate: Which is a sudden awakening: echoing one ear to the other, with a hard drum line, a dreamy voice and, strings to chill the heart and lull it into a sense of safety within our lies, leading to nothing gained or learned. We are cold and intimate, I think....
  13. Street Guru _ Part Two: Jeff Jacob: I am a man of the past, I am a low tech man in a high tech world...[I don't wanna change]. A viewpoint that is probably reflecting one of Nitin himself.
  14. Ripping Out Tears: Prophesy told us through the voice of Pinky Tuscadero. What seem to be synthesized guitars and pulsating drum lines under Pinky's vocals. Honestly, this song could have used a different singer. The only thing that makes this bearable is the pumping melody that borders heavy metal. Were it not for Pinky, this song would be simply awesome
  15. Prophesy: All of a sudden, song drops down to an acoustic tabla and sitar driven track, with chants that are simply dreamy. Leading right into a very climactic ending.

A great follow up to Beyond Skin, with Nitin showing us that he has a lot more tricks up his sleeve. Definitly worth buying.

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